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Everything Drafting. Everything Estimating. We understand the need of your business which enables us to provide high quality, accurate services. Get it right the first time! Get it right now!

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We’ve Been Drafting and Estimating Since 2005

We analyse the ideas and needs of our clients to create the highest quality drawings of the projects in question. These projects can include bridges, highways and office complexes. We channel our expertise into generating a computer-aided design. Thanks to our experience in the structural and construction industry, we are capable of executing a proper remodel and renovation of existing buildings, bridges, highways and other structures.


To every design, there are specifications and approaches for proper execution. These guidelines are based on client needs and draftsman expertise. The overall execution budget is prepared alongside the design creation through a building cost estimator. The building cost estimator is a mathematical model that involves listing the current prices of materials and the quantity to be used in the project.


Our Mission

To provide drafting services that are second to none. To factor-in extensively the satisfaction of clients. To get clients their exact desires by exceeding client expectations.

Our Vision

To assess and understand the drafting and estimating needs of businesses around the globe. To provide high quality drafting services on a national and international level that continues to bust expectations. To provide concise and accurate estimating services at an affordable rate to all businesses.

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Everything Drafting. Everything Estimating.

Everything drafting and estimating provides quality draftsman and estimating service to all areas of Australia. We service New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory.


We are confident in our abilities to draw the architectural and structural features of building and any other structure of your choice. The client specifications and ideas are the drive to make us spring into action.


There is more to estimating than meets the eye. Estimating can make or break projects which is why estimating requires a confident professional. Trust us! We know what to do when it comes to estimating.

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